Check out 4 Magic in X Factor Bulgaria …. featuring former Junior Eurovision national finalists

4 Magic {copyright: Nova tv}

4 Magic {copyright: Nova tv}

The new season of X Factor Bulgaria is featuring an girl band named 4 Magic. One of the girls is Eleonora Ivanova. She is 14 years old and already has been impressive and had success in several music festivals and competitions.

Eleanora Ivanova {copyright: facebook}

Eleanora Ivanova {copyright: facebook}

Eleonora sang Neka Sme Razlichni in the 2016 Bulgarian Junior Eurovision national selection. She also covered the Anastacia song Not That Kind as part of the selection in the same competition.

Eleonora is also versatile in the types of music she can perform. For example she has covered the Led Zeppelin rock classic, Whole Lotta Love.

Also, in 4 Magic are two more former Bulgarian national selection acts. Valentina Nikova was also in the 2016 show and she sang Iskam te and she also covered the song Little Secret. You can see her performance below. Nikol Kaneva took part in the 2015 Junior JESC selection. Unfortunately, there is no video of Nikol at the show but you can see her perform the Aretha Franklin song Think below.

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The fourth member of 4 Magic is Elia Todorova, who is another talented singer.


We wish Eleonora and all the 4 Magic girls good luck with their X Factor journey as well as Presiyana Dimitrova, who ESC Covers reported on recently, is also in the competition this year.

You can see Eleonora perform in the 2016 Bulgarian Junior Eurovision shows below as well as her performance of Whole Lotta Love and an introduction to 4 Magic and also videos of Valentina and Nikol.

Source: ESC Covers

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