ESC Covers has been informed by Norbert of ESC Dublin to Amsterdam that one of the 4 dancers in the Finnish 2023 Eurovision entry will be a guy from the Netherlands. We got a Dutch article and ESC Covers google translated it to English.

Although the Dutch Eurovision entry is not yet one of the favorites of the bookmakers, there is still a real chance that a Dutchman will walk away with the win. Jesse Wijnans from Den Bosch is dancing in the act of Finland, which, according to several people can just take the win.

31-year-old Jesse is one of four dancers to the song Cha Cha Cha by Finnish singer Käärijä, and dances to it, yes, the cha cha cha. “Really very cool that I can participate,” he says to Editie NL. “The Eurovision Song Contest is a dream for dancers.

The fact that Jesse – who appeared in the TV program Dancing With The Stars in 2019 – is allowed to go on stage among the Finns, is thanks to choreographer Reija Wäre. “My best friend, with whom I studied in Tilburg, is Finnish. When I visited her in 2018, I took a lesson from Reija.”

Since then JESSE has always kept in touch with the choreographer. “I’ve been traveling to and from Finland for five years to work for her.” He previously participated in Reija’s choreographies in the preliminary rounds for the Eurovision Song Contest. “Those competitions are always quite a spectacle. I now participated for the fourth time. And this year her choreo won.”

Jesse is the team’s only non-Finnish dancer. “I am also the only one who does not understand anything that is being sung, it is quite a difficult language,” he laughs. They have now explained the text to Jesse. It’s about a boy who – like many Finnish people – is a bit gruff and aloof, but loosens up after a piña colada. He can’t wait for the weekend to drink. Then he wants to dance the cha cha cha.”

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