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Domenique wins Summer Hit Song Contest in Malta

Domenique Azzopardi has won the Summer Hit Song Contest in Malta. After a three year break the contest returned with a very high standard of songs. The show featured many former Malta Eurosong singers such as Domenique herself (2011, 2013), Danica Muscat (2013), Anna Azzopardi (2011, 2012), Mauro Kitcher (2007), Audrey Marie Bartolo (2010), Julie Pomorski (2007) and Jannie Mangion (2012).

The show was hosted by Deo Grech and Natius Farrugia took care of interviews and comments in the green room which was located in the hall. Domenique won the contest with Back To ...with music by Mark Scicluna and lyrics by Emil Calleja Bayliss. The charming song and performance was judged to be the winner. In second place was Anna Azzopardi with My Hero by Keith Zammit and Renato Briffa. In third place was the soulful Odessa Green and Pretend by Doris Chetcuti and Renato Briffa.

Talented singers such as Christian Azzopardi with the upbeat Another Night In Heaven and Kelly Cassar with One Precious Mile, Rachel Verzin with The Joke Is On You, Marie Claire Attard Bason with Just Wait and Ana Maria Grima with To Hell And Back. Special mentions also to Rita Pace and Audrey Marie with Overboard and Joseph Refalo, Simone Gauci, Ina Robinich, Dayle Camileri.  I am all these singers will try for the Eurovision stage in the future.

The show will be broadcast on F Living channel in Malta on Saturday 27 September at 20:30 CET.

You can see Domenique’s winning song here

Domenique, the winner with composers Mark Scicluna and Emil Calleja Bayliss; finalists Christian Azzopardi; Kelly Cassar
Domenique, the winner with composers Mark Scicluna and Emil Calleja Bayliss; finalists Christian Azzopardi; Kelly Cassar


Lisa del Bo records the Netherlands 2014 entry with son, Eli

Lisa del Bo represented Belgium at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest with  Liefde is een kaartspel. She is a big star in her homeland and also in Germany and has had many hits over the years.

Lisa has just released a brand new duet with her son, Eli. They have recorded the Netherlands 2014 Eurovision runner up by the Common Linnets, Calm After The Storm. Their version is in the Flemish/Dutch language and is entitled Stilte na de storm.  You can see the video for the song at the following link The Flemish/Dutch translation is by Daniel Ditmar who wrote the lyrics for  Liefde is een kaartspel.

Calm After The Storm is continuing to be a massive hit around Europe and the world since finishing in second place in Copenhagen in May for the Common Linnets. In Finland there is a big hit cover version in the Finnish language by Saija Tuupanen and Tommi Soidinmäki (you can read more about that here

Now Lisa del Bo and Eli are set to make Stilte na de storm a big hit in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Andras Csonka – Hungarian Eurovision covers of 1975 and 1976 winners

Andras Csonka is a popular singer singer, actor and tv presenter in Hungary. He is planning soon to release an album completely of Eurovision covers in the Hungarian language. He has already had big hits in Hungary of two Eurovision Song Contest winning songs. They were the entries of the Netherlands in 1975 and United Kingdom in 1976.

Ding Dinge Dong (by Teach In – ESC Netherlands 1975) was a covered in Hungarian by Andras and you see the video at the following link and this was a very big hit in 2001 with a strong production and beat.

Another big hit for Andras was Csókokkal vársz (the Hungarian language version of Save Your Kisses for Me by Brotherhood of Man – ESC United Kingdom 1976). You can also see the official video here

ESC Covers will bring you more information about Andras’ album of Eurovision covers when it is set for release.


Finnish version of Calm After The Storm released

The runner up song at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, Calm After The Storm by the Common Linnets, has been covered in the Finnish language.  It has been recorded and released by Saija Tuupanen & Tommi Soidinmäki  and is entitled Myrskyn jälkeen kirkastuu.

Saija Tuupanen has released many albums and singles in Finland since 2003 and is one of the best known schlager acts in her country.  Tommi Soidinmäki is also an established artist in his home and country and released his first album in 2004.

Calm After The Storm was a massive hit after the Eurovision in 2014 for the Common Linnets reaching the Top 1o in many countries.  The Finnish version is very interesting and should prove to be a big hit in Finland.  Saija Tuupanen & Tommi Soidinmäki and Myrskyn jälkeen kirkastuu should also prove a hit with Eurovision fans. You can hear the Finnish version at the following link .p18qhpdd9i1s8g1o26129k1cjf11q4

Jasmyn covers Más by Brequette on new duet album

Jasmyn from South Africa has released a new album of mainly duets with Hercules. The album is called Brief oor die see and includes a cover in the Afrikaans language by Jasmyn of the runner up in the Spanish national selection in 2014, Más (Run) by Brequette. The song was a big favourite with the Eurovision fans.

You can hear snippets from the album at the following link

Jasmyn has covered several Eurovision songs in the past. She also was a guest during the Eurovision two weeks in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2011. Jasmyn was invited to perform at the Euroclub (the club for artists, accredited journalists and invited guests). There she performed the United Kingdom 1991 entry by Samantha Janus, A Message To Your Heart.

Jasmyn & Hercules
Jasmyn & Hercules