Belarus: Svetlana Agarval wins special honour from World Book of Records (London)

The popular singer from Belarus, Svetlana Agarval, has been awarded a special honour from the World Book of Records (London). Svetlana has a unique sound and performs Indian Bollywood music. The honour is in respect of the Outstanding World Performers and is for her contribution to cultural development of relations between Belarus and India. Most […]

Belarus: Svetlana Agarval performs at New Year celebration with ‘Ya ne kamennaya’

Svetlana Agarval performed on Vitebsk tv in Belarus as part of the New Year celebrations. She sang Ya ne kamennaya (I am not a stone). Svetlana is a versatile artist who also specialises in performing Indian Bollywood type songs with a touch of Belarussian charm. Check out Svetlana singing Ya ne kamennaya below. Source: ESC Covers

Belarus: Listen to the unique Svetlana Agarval and her Bollywood influenced music

Svetlana Agarval is a talented singer from Belarus but she is very unique because she sings with an Indian style. Her music is contemporary and with a Bollywood style influence. Svetlana is very popular to Belarussian audiences. She has taken part in top festivals such as the 2011 Slavianski Bazaar and the Eastern Bazaar in […]

Svetlana Agarval is honoured by World Book of Records in London

Svetlana Agarval is from Belarus and she has a unique and exciting singing history and sound. She combines pop with the sound of Bollywood. Svetlana has just been honoured with a place in the World Book of Records in London by Alma Today. She was interviewed by Dr Dilip N Pandit. She has recorded in […]