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100 RALPH SIEGEL SONGS – SONG 62 (Friends are friends)

Song 62 in our series of 100 Ralph Siegel songs would have been more interesting today after the 2018 Romanian selection last night. This song FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS by Mihai Traistariu and the group VALAHIA were in the Romanian selection in 2003. But Mihai was not selected last night in Romania. The group SIX4ONE who represented Switzerland at the 2006 Eurovision also recorded this song and there is an Afrikaans cover of it by Dewald Louw.



Onto position 58 of the 100 Ralph Siegel songs and we get to PEDRO by PETER ALEXANDER. He had a lot of success with several Ralph songs. This song was covered in South Africa by Ge Korsten as HUIS TOE (Coming home) and it was a huge hit in the times White males in South Africa did army duty at South African boarders and usually after a year they would return home. This song really was special for this group of people.