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OGAE Finland was very active at the OGAE fan stand in Kyiv during the Eurovision song contest and ESCCovers met up with Petteri Hilska and his sister Karoliina from Finland. They were doing a shift at the fan stand and we rewarded them with some CD’s. We already published a photo of Petteri and now it is the turn of Karoliina. She asked Roy from South Africa about the South African boy band HI 5 as she knew they covered several euro songs in Afrikaans. Karoliina got some of the special CD’s we made for Vienna when Eurovision celebrated 60 years. On these CD’s are a lot of Afrikaans covers of Eurovision songs.



In Kyiv OGAE had a fan stand where fans helped people to vote which ten countries would make it to the final from semi final 1 and semi final 2 and then once all finalists were known, who will win the Eurovision song contest. It was set up by Marcus Davey from OGAE Rest of the world and also a board member of OGAE International. People with either F or P accreditation worked there in shifts.

ESCCovers was especially pleased to find 3 Hungarian fans during a shift and asked them about their favourite entries from 2017 and to see if we have a promo CD of that country for them, One of the three got this favourite, the other 2 probably their 4th or 5th favourite. Over the next days we will feature them, starting with Tibor Demeter who has been to Eurovisions before.