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The following press release from Warner music Stockholm.

The Swedish dance music icon Basshunter is finally making a comeback! He takes the help of super producer Jimmy Joker  who is behind artists such as Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias . The single is called “Angels ain’t listening” and through the song he shows the emotional side of himself.

“The song is about angels not listening and having to find yourself before dedicating your life to someone else forever,” says Basshunter. “I have realized that you need to find a good relationship with yourself before committing to a relationship. We all make mistakes and learn the hard way, but it is important that we keep our heads high and have fun throughout life.”

“Angels ain’t listening” is written by Basshunter, Jimmy Joker (Pitbull, Willy William, Nicki Minaj), Bilal Hajji (Afrojack, Khaled) and Thomas G: son (Loreen, Mohombi).

Basshunter has previously delivered world hits such as “Boten Anna”, “Now You’re Gone”, “All I Ever Wanted”, “Angel In The Night”, “I Miss You” and “DotA”. He has also recently been interviewed by journalist Måns Mosesson for the official biography of Avicii when Avicii was inspired by Basshunter at the beginning of his career.

Basshunter performs about 100 concerts per year and toured in the UK, the Nordic countries, Spain, Australia, Hungary and Italy.

You can see the lyrics video for Angels Ain’t Listening below.

Basshunter In Social Media:
Twitter: @basshunt
YouTube: user / basshunter



Man Meadow is back with a new single. Play it loud is written by Chris Meyer, Andreas Öberg and Oskar Persson credited with millions of sold albums and singles, currently topping the charts in Japan and Korea. Just in time for spring, Man Meadow hopes Play it loud will make you turn up the volume and dance.

It is also today the birthday of one of the members FREDRIK OLOFSSON.


We got a surprise new CD today – it is called KOSMIES and is by a new group called TUSSEN STERRE (among stars). The group has three members – Jan-Mattys van Lill SJ van Dyk and Martin Clifford Earle. The name Jan-Mattys may sound familiar to some – he has covered two Euro songs in the past – Russia 2008 – Believe of Dima Bilan which he calls DIE LEWE BEGIN VAN VOORAF and Belarus 2012 – We are the heroes of Litesound which he calls VEG TOT DIE EINDE. On their CD is a song called VIR EWIG ‘N GOEIE TYD (For always a good time) and a video has been made of it. They have just entered it for the San Marino selection but it has not been loaded as yet.



Got this from Felix Winter Bryngell in Norway

I’d like to inform you that the Norwegian entry, JOWST, has released his follow up single to “Grab The Moment”. Here is some additional info, a video from Joakim & Aleksander and a link to the single:

With his debut single, JOWST did exactly what he was supposed to do – he grabbed the moment. After the victory in Norway’s MGP Joakim With Steen (JOWST) and Aleksander Walmann sang and played their way through Europe, before performing for over 186 million viewers, and placing within the top 10 in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. “Grab The Moment” has currently streamed over 12 million times and been added to pretty much every major radio station in Norway, and a dozen of international stations. These accomplishments would be enough for some people, but not for JOWST. Now he’s back, with Aleksander Walmann on vocals, for the follow up single, “ThatFeeling”

“It has not been easy to make a follow up for Grab The moment. We have been working really hard to make a song that can surpass Grab The Moment’s success. When we finally had a result we we’re satisfied with we felt this magical feeling, which is exactly what the new song is all about”

Check out “ThatFeeling” for some fresh musical magic from JOWST here:







On returning from Norway, Eurovision South Africa got the new CD by ERNIE BATES called DROOM (dream). This CD is a dream for Ernie that has come true. The CD contains one Eurovision cover- IRELAND 2016 – SUNLIGHT of Nicky Byrne, The Afrikaans cover is called SOMERSON (Summer sun). One other track is a song by an ex Eurovision singer NINO DE ANGELO – the Afrikaans is called ONEINDIG WYD (endlessly wide) with Afrikaans lyrics by Michael de Lange who is vice president of Eurovision South Africa. We hope the CD does very well.