Kejsi Tola releases beautiful acoustic version of her summer hit ‘U Rritem’

Kejsi Tola has just released a beautiful and gentle acoustic version of her big summer hit, U Rritem (I grew up). This version has been stripped back it has a unique charm and showcases Kejsi’s crystal clear vocals. The video clip for the acoustic version of U Rritem is filmed on a rooftop building and […]

Kejsi Tola releases new single ‘U Rritem’ … and stars at 2018 Stockholm Europride

Kejsi Tola is back in a big way for the summer of 2018. She has just released an amazing new single and beautiful video clip for U Rritem (I grew up). It has a most charming and haunting melody with some ethnic influences and a strong production. U Rritem is composed by¬†Flori Mumajesi and the […]