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It is now TIME to look at the 4th artist who will perform at the Eurovision convention in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

It is BIANCA SHOMBURG who represented Germany at the 1997 Eurovision song contest with the Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinunger song ZEIT. The English version is called TIME. So Bianca sang about Time long before Belarus had someone in 2015 and Ukraine someone in 2017 singing about TIME. Bianca sounds quite like Celine Dion and it is a pity we have not heard a lot from her in recent years. Maybe she will turn back the time in Frankfurt and sings some fantastic new songs.



Marcha, also known as Marga Bult, is a Dutch singer and television presenter, who has been a member of the groups Tulip, Babe and Dutch Divas and is also known for her participation in the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest with the song RECHTOP IN DE WIND. The English version LOST IN GALE FORCE 10 is really good. In 1996 she bought of a CD single with a song called DA’S GOED FOUT but this was maybe a MISTAKE(FOUT) as it is not a good song. Marga will be at the Eurovision convention in Frankfurt as one part of Dutch Divas – the other Maggie Macneal. Hope they will entertain the crowd with someone special.



We move to the second artist who will appear at the Eurovision convention in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Lou is the stage name of Louise Hoffner, a German pop singer.

She participated in the 2001 Eurovision national finals, coming in third place with HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY. Shortly before Christmas 2002, composer Ralph Siegel asked her if she would be interested in competing in the national finals again with “Let’s Get Happy”, a song he had written with lyricist Bernd Meinunger. Lou won the German 2003 finals and represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 in Riga where she came in 11th place. 

Hopefully she will sing these two songs in Frankfurt.



The 2017 Eurovision convention takes place 9 and 10 September in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. In the NIGHT OF EUROVISION gala concert, a lot of artists will take to the stage. ESCCovers will highlight them one by one, hopefully getting to all of them before the event.

The first one is Lys Assia, a Swiss singer who won the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 with the song REFRAIN, composed by Emile Gardez and Geo Voumard.

In 2007 she teamed up with Beatrice and they brought out a CD together, although it features just two songs in duet, but several evergreens from Lys.

We are sure she still has it to entertain Euro fans 62 years after her victory.