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Since a lot of Malta songs have been covered in South Africa, I have decided to make a second compilation.

Here is the track listing

01 – Believe ‘n peace – Times three covered in Afrikaans as EK GLO by Paola Donadio

02 – Desire – Claudette Pace covered in Afrikaans as VERLANGE by Riana van Wyk

03 – Tomorrow – Gianluca covered in Afrikaans as SY’S SOOS MORE by Jay Schoeman

04 – Let me fly – Debbie Scerri covered in Afrikaans as MY KITAAR by George Meiring

05 – The angels are tired – Manuel covered in Afrikaans as SEWE DUISEND ENGELE by George Meiring

06 – He – Eleonor Cassar covered in Afrikaans as FREEVERHAAL by George Meiring

07 – Vertigo – Olivia Lewis covered in Afrikaans as DUISELIG by Leandie Lombaard

08 – Love is the reason – Charlene & Natasha in Afrikaans as IS DIT NOU DIE LIEFDE by Moniqe Foxx

09 – Don’t stop the party – Ali & Lis in Afrikaans as ONS VOEL DIE RITME by Moniqe Foxx


Here is the track listing of the first Malta compilation CD

01 – Angel – Chiara covered in English as Angel by Amor Vittone

02 – Angel -Chiara covered in Afrikaans as Engel by Tobi Jooste

03 – The one that I love – Chiara covered in Afrikaans as Helder skyn die maan by Nedine Blom

04 – I do – Fabrizio covered in Afrikaans as Vergewe my weer by Hi 5

05 – I do – Fabrizio covered in Afrikaans as I do by Tobi Jooste

06 – I do – Fabrizio covered in English as I do by Tobi Jooste

07 – Another summer night – Fabrizio Faniello covered in Afrikaans as Ons somersaand by Dominec

08 – What if we – Chiara covered in Afrikaans as Vandag by Lee Scott

09 – My dream – Thea Garrett covered in Afrikaans as My droom by Steven Sterling

Look Who Dropped in!

Roy with Sanna Neilsen
Roy with Sanna Neilsen

So while Roy was busy working hard he seized the opportunity to present Sanna Neilsen, who is commentating for Sweden, with the Afrikaans cover of her song UNDO by Linda Kilian.

Tamás Vámos
Tamás Vámos

Fan Tamás Vámos dropped in waving the two fan postcards he created for artists this year.

The Fan Desk 1

Hard at work at the Fan Desk

Fan Desk MakeMakes

And then look who dropped by? The MakeMakes.


And then we said hi to Monika Kuszyńska who is representing Poland this year.


Finally, the Cover CDs that Roy created especially to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Eurovision are very popular. The two winners enjoy them, Stefan and Enrico.


robert Ilseth

And another winner, Robert Ilseth from Norway.


We have decided to list the CD’s we are bringing to Vienna and some will be added before Friday – after that day nothing new can be added as it will be too late

60th ANNIVERSARY COMPILATION CD’s (6 different compilations and in total 60 covers) and 30 copies of each – total 180

(plus minus 67 will be handed to the individual artists in Vienna)

DANISH DELIGHTS (12 Danish covers) – 10 copies

LOSE CONTROL OVER FINLAND (9 Finnish covers) – 10 copies

ICELAND IDOLS (14 Icelandic covers) – 5 copies

(one for Hera Bjork and one for Selma, and 3 others for fans)

NORWEGIAN NOVELTIES (12 Norwegian covers) – 5 copies

A MUSICAL BRIDGE FROM SWEDEN ( 18 euro covers by Swedish covers) – 10 copies

BEST OF MELODIFESTIVAL IN AFRIKAANS (18 covers of Melodi festival songs) – 5 copies

RALPH SIEGEL IN SOUTH AFRICA volume 1 (20 of his songs covered in South Africa) – 1 copy – for Ralph

RALPH SIEGEL IN SOUTH AFRICA volume 2 (21 of his songs covered in South Africa) – 1 copy – for Ralph

WONDERFUL DREAM WITH ANNE MARIE DAVID (5 covers of her 1973 winner) – 1 copy – for Anne Marie

ANOTHER NIGHT WITH JAN JOHANSEN (7 covers of his songs) – 1 copy – for Jan

ITS FOR YOUR WITH NIAMH KAVANAGH (covers of both her euro entries) 1 copy – for Niamh

EK VOEL STOUT (cover of HOPE AND GLORY) – 1 copy – for Mans

KAN EK JOU WYS (cover of CARA MIA) – 1 copy – for Mans

DINGE DONG (Afrikaans/Latvian cover) – 5 copies – 1 for Getty Kaspers

WIE WIL BY MY BLY (cover of a song by Fame) – 1 copy

BAD BOY (cover of Manboy of Eric Saade) – 1 copy

EK SAL VIR ALTYD LEWE (cover of Live forever of Magnus Carlsson) – 1 copy

EK EN MY KITAAR (cover of Tom Dice 2010) – 3 copies


There are 180 compilation CD’s of the 6oth celebration of Eurovision. As reported 67 will go to the artists in Vienna, 13 more to special people and then 100 to be won by fans – either in VIENNA or not, either OGAE R O W members or not.

This post will be updated daily as we announce some winners prior to EUROVISION.

1  MAY 2015

The first winner is announced today and he is very special. It is GERRY AVELINO from the USA – he has been the designer of the covers. He is an OGAE R O W member not coming to Vienna and so I have posted off the CD’s for him and he has received it the last day or so. Because he worked so hard on the covers, I have decided he is one of 2 or so people to get the COMPLETE set of 6 CD’s.

Gerry I hope you enjoy listening to 60 euro covers over the years.

2 MAY 2015

Two more winners are announced today, JOHN JAGODOWSKI from the USA and DAVID SCOTT from the USA – both are OGAE R O W members and not coming to Vienna. Their CD’s have been posted and they reported receiving it yesterday. John has already started reporting on listening and he is blown away by some of the songs.

3 MAY 2015

Another 2 winners are announced today. JEFF NEAL and ADELE ADELLE from AUSTRALIA – both are OGAE R O W members but unfortunately they cannot join us this year in Vienna. Their CD’s have been posted but they have not arrived as yet.

4 MAY 2015

There are more than 60 SA singers on the 6 compilations and just 2 of them wrote to be on the list of winning a compilation. So these 2 singers will be the only artists to get a copy of the 60th anniversary compilation – of course each singer will get a copy of the compilation his or her song is on.The two singers are



5 MAY 2015

Two South African members not going to Vienna are the winners today



6 MAY 2015

And another two SA members, not going to Vienna are the winners today.



7 MAY 2015

Today’s two winners are from EUROPE




Finland felt a little left out since special compilations made for the other Nordic countries, so we sort of “forced” to also do one for Finland although of the 5 Nordic countries, the least covers exist but luckily, one song Lose control has several covers, even one in Spanish. This compilation will also be available in Vienna. And Gerry again designed a fantastic cover.



Last  year we had a compilation in Copenhagen called DANISH DELIGHTS. Although we had no less than 25 copies, it proved so successful that we had calls for more copies. Unfortunately the original master has been replaced and so I did a new one with some other songs included. Gerry in the USA again did the most beautiful cover design.



In Vienna we will have a compilation ICELAND IDOLS and we will hand over a copy of it to HERA BJORK who will be there as backing singer for Iceland. On the compilation is an Afrikaans cover of her Euro entry. But also in Vienna will be Sveinn from Iceland who composed the 2004 Iceland entry, HEAVEN of JONSI. There is also a cover on the compilation of his sing. So he will also receive a copy. Now 2 fans can each win a copy as well, one by someone who is NOT in Vienna and one by someone who is in Vienna. The person in Vienna also will have the chance to hand the copy to Hera personally. Now what to do to be a winner? Go to the CONTACT US page and answer the question – HEAVEN is covered in Afrikaans and the title is that of a big city in South Africa – name that city. Then also indicate whether you will be in Vienna or not. On 1 May we will announce the two winners.


Yes, we are really into the groove of showcasing just how many songs have been covered in South Africa and this compilation has been done on the request of some SWEDISH composers – this is to once again remind Eurovision fans that it is a SONG CONTEST and a good song can be sung by any artist in any language. This compilation also highlight just how success Swedish composers are as it feature Eurovision songs they have written for countries other than Sweden. Gerry from the USA once again created a special cover design.