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The 7th competition in our ten part series involves again something to do with ABBA. In 1969 Bjorn and Benny released a song in Swedish called HEJ GAMLE MAN which became quite a big hit. I only heard the song for the first time in 1996 and loved it from the first minute and I always wanted it to be covered. Steven Sterling did it, both in English and in Afrikaans.

The Afrikaans title is KLEIN PIK SOENTJIES (Small cheek kisses) and the English title is SHOW ME THE WAY.

A copy of this will be handed to the ABBA museum but we have two copies for Bjorn and Benny fans.

The question is – if Bjorn and Benny ask you for which 2016 artist should they compose a song, who will you suggest and why?

Please put your answers as a comment to this post.

1-hey gamble


Yes it is time for the 6th competition in our series of ten in the run-up to the 2016 Eurovision song contest. Because we are in Sweden and in Stockholm, most of the competitions will center around ABBA, the museum and other Swedish artists.

With the compliments of STERLING MUSIC, two copies can be won of the Afrikaans cover of the 1996 Swedish Eurovision entry, DEN VILDA originally sung by ONE MORE TIME – this trio featured Peter, the son of Benny of Abba and Peter’s wife Nanna and her sister. R O W will hand a copy of it to One more time in Stockholm but two lucky fans can each have a copy of it.

In Afrikaans it is called WIEGELIED (Lullaby).

The question for this is, if you have to sing a lullaby to a baby, which Eurovision song will you pick and why. Once again answers must be placed on this post as comments.

1-one more time


Sony South Africa has made available the brand new CD of the group 4werke (fireworkers) called 4WARM as a price in a competition. 4werke consists of 4 South African singers, all R O W members – Elizma Theron, Liezel Pieters, Nicholis Louw and Ray Dylan.

The CD has 14 tracks but one of them is a Eurovision cover – Lithuania 2015 – THIS TIME, originally sung by Monika Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila. 4werke covers the song in English since we were unable to contact the composers to get permission for the Afrikaans lyrics.

In order to win this CD, you will have to do a comment to this post about your favourite Lithuanian Eurovision entry and why you like that particular song. Sony will decide who is the winner.




It is time to czech in for another competition – this time it involves a cover of one of the Eurovision entries from the Czech republic.

Marli and Gert kitaar covered the 2015 Czech entry HOPE NEVER DIES originally sung by Marta Jandova and Vaclav Noid Barta. They call it HART SE  SNARE (Strings of the heart).

Marli has made one copy available for one of our fans. The question is

We have heard that the Czech republic is now focusing on a new name for the country. If you had been asked to pick a new name for this country, what would you pick? Give us just your choice of name and the most interesting to Marli will win the CD single. You can send your answers as a comment to this post



Because I have time today, I will also introduce our third competition. This is open to EACH AND EVERY EUROVISION fan, not just R O W members.

The competition is about DANKIE VIR DIE WOORDE (thank you for the words). It is an AFRIKAANS cover of the ABBA song THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC. Nedine Blom, a South African singer and also R O W member wrote the lyrics and recorded it as a tribute to ABBA and the museum. There are only a few copies, of which one will go to the museum, one of obviously for me, and then a few to be won by fans. You will have to comment on this post as follows: over the years many Eurovision entries consisted of just ONE word, several winners like WATERLOO and HEROES. Now you have to think about your most loved ONE WORD title of a Eurovision entry and give a short reason why you like that one word. Winners will be announced before Stockholm and if the winners are there, they will get it there, others will be posted.


We have another competition, but this unfortunately is only for R O W members who will be at the ABBA museum on Wednesday 11 May.

Two South African singers (and R O W members) have done ABBA medleys and these songs are now available on one CD. There are just 5 copies, one will be given to the museum and 4 others to R O W members who are at the museum that day. It will be a lucky draw so everybody who will be there – your name will be put into a hat and the first 4 names drawn, will get these medley singles. The songs on the medleys are


01 – Ring ring

02 – S O S

03 – Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight

04 – Waterloo

05 – Thank you for the music


01 – Take a chance on me

02 – Dancing queen

03 – Mamma mia

04 – Thank you for the music



Linda Kilian’s new CD HOOR JY MY (Do you hear me) contains no less than 6 Sanna Nielsen covers, two in English and four in Afrikaans. Mad events has kindly donated two CD’s to us and one will be given to Sanna herself and the other one is up for grabs in a competition. Before we get to the competition, here is information on the six covers

01 – HEART OF MINE – same title as it is covered in English

02 – I’M IN LOVE, Sanna’s 2011 selection song – same title as it is covered in English

03 – VAGAR DU, VAGAR JAG, Sanna’s 2007 selection song – SAL JY WAAG (Will you take a risk)

04 – IF YOU WERE MINE – EK DINK AAN JOU (I think about you)

05 – EMPTY ROOM, Sanna’s 2008 selection song – SO ALLEEN (So alone)

06 – UNDO, Sanna’s 2014 Eurovision entry – HOOR JY MY (Do you hear me)

Now how to win this CD? Do a comment on this post and tell us your favourite of the 6 Sanna songs and why. One lucky fan will win this CD. If that person is in Stockholm, he or she will get it there, otherwise we will post it to you once Eurovision is over


Hello everyone! Tamas, Ronny and Luc put forward a suggestion for a little bit of fun in the lead up to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. This is a variation on what Tamás is undertaking within the Hungarian Eurovision club, with his guidance. What we are asking is not easy.  It will require determination, hard decisions and some cutthroat moves.  

What is Rest of the World’s favourite Eurovision song?!? 
How are we going to work on this over sooooooooo many years and fabulous entries??? Well, it is like this…
Three rounds.
Round 1:
Each voter has 20 nomination points.  A minimum of 5 of these must be prior to the year 2000, and no more than three nominations for a single year. For example, if you wanted to spend 15 votes on 2015’s Eurovision songs, you cannot. Only three are allowed for any given year.  Sounds difficult (and it certainly is!) but it only involves each person to select 20 songs (at least 5 prior to the year 2000).  This will form the foundation of the following rounds.
Round 2 will consist of the top 60 votes songs from round 1 allocated into pots and each person will be asked to select 2 songs from each pot.
The songs with the most points will form the selection for the final round.  This time, it is about allocating points to each song in the typical Eurovision style (12,10,8,7… Etc.).
We have decided to open the Round 1 voting period for 10 days.
All correspondence should be directed to !  Voting/nominations close at midnight 13 December Central European Time.
If you have any questions, post below (unless you just want to be mean – in which case email).
We will provide further information about the following rounds in future posts.
This is our first opportunity to earn points for the 2017 ticketing list. Those who participate will receive points for completing all three rounds in our search for our favourite song!
Cannot wait to see what our wonderfully eclectic fan club choose!



We start off the 60 day competition around ABBA since we will be in STOCKHOLM for Eurovision 2016.
I have selected 24 ABBA songs and the competition over 60 days will involve this 24 songs. Depending on how busy I am, every 2 or 3 days a new song will become available. The 24 songs have been picked at random and TAKE A CHANCE ON ME came up first so that is therefore the name of the competition.
There are 6 times 60 points at stake, so 360 in total, dividing that through 24 songs, is 15 points per song. But some will carry more points to a maximum of 30 and others less, but never less than 10 points. So the 360 points have been split between the 24 songs, and as TAKE A CHANCE ON ME starts the competition, it gets 30 points.
The competition will work as follows:
First of all, it is a joint effort between the WEBSITE and the FACEBOOK. The new song will be announced on the website but people can publish their response either on the website or the facebook under that song title.
I will take a sentence from the song lyrics and present that and you have to write a line or two about what memory this ABBA song brings – maybe your first kiss or a special birthday or whatever. The winner works as follows – if just one person responds, he or she gets the 30 points – if 2 respond, they each get 15 points, if three respond, then 10 points each. If more than 3, then I pick the best 3 in my opinion and each get 10 points.
If someone does not want his or her 10 points, then such a person can trade it in for half an euro discount on 2016 membership (or those that have paid already, then it is banked towards 2017 membership).
This gives everybody a chance – those that want points towards the ticket list for 2016 and those who for whatever reason cannot go and so want to earn “discount” towards their membership.
Winners will be announced one day after the next song is presented. So it gives people a couple of days to send their memory of a particular song.