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Anja Veterova competes in 2016 Makfest with ‘I pokraj se’

Anja Veterova {copyright: MRT}
Anja Veterova {copyright: MRT}

Anja Veterova is continuing to mature as a recording artist and live performer. She has just participated in the 2016 Makfest competition in FYR Macedonia with her song titled I pokraj se (Despite). Anja gave a confident and elegant performance on the stage where she was accompanied by three male dancers. The music and arrangement for I pokraj se was by Damjan Lazarov  with lyrics by Ana Pandevska.

Anja represented FYR Macedonia at the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Eooo, Eooo and has since gone on to record popular hits such as Samo sonuvaj, Pokazi Mi and Bez tebe (which was an entrant at the Skopje Fest).

You can see Anja perform I pokraj se below.

Source: ESC Covers