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ESC Covers had plans to report direct from Minsk, Belarus on the 2918 Eurovision song contest where 20 countries will be taking part.

Roy van der Merwe will unfortunately not be in Minsk due to the fact that an invite from the organizers was not issued in time for him to apply for a visa to enter the country despite the fact that he asked for it as far back as July.

We still hope Ian Fowell will be able to attend and report as, he being a citizen of the UK,  can enter visa free.

ESC Covers had several plans for promotion, among them a BARBIE DOLL competition in celebration of the Albanian entry and we had someone designed a dress typical of South Africa. Now that Roy is not going to Minsk, this promotion is not happening and he handed the Barbie doll today to some girl in a near by orphan home.

Angélina to sing ‘Jamais Sans Toi’ for France at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Angélina from the music video of' 'Jamais Sans Toi'
Angélina from the music video of’ ‘Jamais Sans Toi’

France have selected 12 years old Angélina to sing Jamais Sans Toi (Never without you) at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

It is 2004 since France last participated in the JESC.

The official video clip for Jamais Sans Toi has also been released and you can see it below.

Source: ESC Covers;

Kazakhstan: Watch the official video of Daneliya Tuleshova and ‘Ózińe sen’

Daneliya Tuleshova is the first representative of Kazakhstan at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The official video for her song Ózińe sen (Seize the time) has been released.

Ózińe sen is composed by Ivan Lopukhov (music), who is from Ukraine. The English text is by Artem Kuzmenkov and the Kazakh words by Camilla Dairova and Daneliya Tuleshova.

Check out the video for Ózińe sen below.

Source: ESC Covers; YouTube/Daneliya Tuleshova

Junior Eurovision news round up –

serbia poland kazakhstan azerbaijan armenia

Here is an update of some recent selections for the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest –

SERBIA – Bojana Radovanović is 13 years old and will represent Serbia with the song Svet (World) composed Marija Marić Marković. The song will be revealed soon.

POLAND – Roksana Węgiel is also 13 years old and will represent Poland. Roksana was the first winner of The Voice Kids Poland.

AZERBAIJAN – Fidan Huseynova is 12 years old and will sing for Azerbaijan in Minsk.

KAZAKHSTAN – Daneliya Tuleshova is 12 years old too and she won the national selection and will be the first representative for Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision

ARMENIA – L.E.V.O.N will represent Armenia after winning the national selection with the self-titled song L.E.V.O.N.


Efi Gjika will represent Albania at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Barby’

Efi Gjika
Efi Gjika

Efi Gjika won the 2018 Junior Fest Albania and will represent her country at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Belarus in November with the song, Barby.

16 acts took part in the show including last year’s representative, Ana Kodra. There was also the song Panorama by Era Rakipllai was composed by Mishela Rapo, who represented Albania at the 2015 Junior Eurovision.

  1. Hera HysiMelodi pranverore
  2. Emmi RushitiMbremje feste 
  3. Kristiana VeshajSot
  4. Efi Gjika Barby
  5. Jasmina HokoHappy
  6. Sindi Goga Me tinguj fantazi
  7. Iris Sula & Samanta QoshkuÇdo gjë do dashuri
  8. Era RakipllaiPanorama
  9. Merlin Xhai Bote e re
  10. Laura BoriçiEshtë koha
  11. Iris DollaniYlberi im
  12. Sajana KodheliYlim
  13. Ana KodraPrindër ju lutem
  14. Melodian Mancala Enderroj
  15. Speranca Bregasi Ditari
  16. Uendi GogaOlellin dhe yjet i dua

Voting was courtesy of an expert jury.

The show will be broadcast on Albanian tv on 27 September. In the meantime check out the video below.

Source: RTSH; ESC Covers



ESC Covers got the following report from the head of delegation of Albania.

For the third time, Junior Fest Albania will be used to select the Albanian representative for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018. It will be Albania’s 5th participation in Junior ESC, since our debut in 2012 with Igzidora Gjeta. After a two-year absence, in 2015 Albania competed in JESC with Mishela Rapo, Klesta Qehaja (2016) and Ana Kodra (2017).

From more than 40 songs submitted to RTSH for the Junior Fest Albania 2018, 16 have been selected to participate in the final of the contest.

The sixteen finalists who will be competing to represent Albania at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk, Belarus, are:

1. “Melodi pranverore” (Spring melody) – Hera Hysi (music: Diana Ziu lyrics: Mimoza Bici)
2. “Mbrëmje feste” (Celebration night) – Emmi Rushiti
(music: A. Kaloshi lyrics: Irma Kurti)
3. “Sot” (Today) – Kristiana Veshaj (music & lyrics: Vasil Cuni)
4. “Barby” – Efi Gjika (music: Efi Gjika lyrics: Hristina Gjika)
5. “Happy” – Jasmina Hako (music & lyrics: Adrian Hila)
6. “Me tinguj fantazi” (With fantasy melody) – Sindi Goga (music & lyrics: Arber Kocllari)
7. “Çdo gjë do dashuri” (Everything needs love) – Iris Sula & Samanta Qoshku (music: Edmond Rrapi lyrics: Leidi Shqiponja)
8. “Panorama” – Era Rakipllari (music: Endrit Fusha lyrics: Mishela Rapo)
9. “Botë e re” (New world) – Merlin Xhai (music: Endrit Shani lyrics: Florian Zyka)
10. “Është koha” (It’s time) – Laura Boriçi (music & lyrics: Armand Broshka)
11. “Ylberi im” (My rainbow) – Iris Dollani (music & lyrics: Enis Mullaj)
12. “Ylli im” (My star) – Sajana Kodhelaj (music: Gjergj Kaçinari lyrics: Ana Kaçinari)
13. “Prindër ju lutem” (Parent, please) – Ana Kodra (music & lyrics: Eriona Rushiti)
14. “Ëndërroj” (I dream) – Melodajn Mancaku (music: Uendi Mancaku lyrics: Etmond Mancaku)
15. “Ditari” (Diary) – Speranca Bregasi (music & lyrics Alban Male)
16. “Qiellin dhe yjet i dua” (The sky and stars I love) – Uendi Goga (music: Jetmir Mehmeti lyrics: Suela Tukaj)

Ana Kodra comes back in Junior Fest Albania. Last year in Tbilisi, she held the Albanian flag on the Junior Eurovision stage with the song “Don’t touch my tree”. Another comeback is that of the singer Mishela Rapo, the representative of Albania in JESC 2015, who this year has written the lyrics of the song “Panorama”. Adrian Hila, the composer of “Dambaje” in JESC 2015, has composed and written the song “Happy”. A number of the songs are written or composed by the young singers themselves. Efi Gjika has written the melody of her competing song.

The sixteen songs tried to tackle social issues affecting children, some of them are songs dedicated to children dreams and fun games. There are so many different singing styles and genres, from dance to pop and beautiful ballads.

The final of Junior Fest Albania which takes place on September 23-rd, will be held at the Amphitheater of the Lake Park in Tirana, Albania.

Let us not forget ‘Welcome To My Belarus’ by Mariya Zhilina

Belarus recently held the national selection to pick the song to represent them in the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held on home territory in Minsk. Daniel Yastremsky was chosen to sing for the home team and we will see how he progresses in November.

However, ESC Covers would like to draw your attention to a wonderful song in the national final by Mariya Zhilina entitled Welcome To My Belarus. It seemed perfect for Junior Eurovision with a strong melody and production with also some ethnic tones. Mariya gave a strong and energetic performance on the stage with her dancers.

I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of Mariya in the future. In the meantime check out the live performance of Welcome To My Belarus and also the official video clip.

Source: ESC Covers