‘Bari Peri’ song by Dalita released from ‘Yes sirum em qez’ movie soundtrack

Dalita and Armen Virabyan

Dalita and Armen Virabyan

The song Bari Peri (Fairy Godmother) by Dalita has been released from the forthcoming ‘Yes sirum em qez’ (I love you) movie original soundtrack.

Bari Peri is an elegant ballad with charming orchestration sung beautifully by Dalita. The song is composed by Armen Virabyan, Gayane Danielyan and David Javadyan.

Dalita represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and has since blossomed in to a much respected all round singer, model and tv presenter.

You can see the video for Bari Peri below. The ‘Yes sirum em qez’ movie is released on 4 April.

Source: ESC Covers; ArmDreams


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