The ABBA competition started off well and I really appreciate the big response. Now it is the second one, BANG-A-BOOMERANG

Making somebody happy is a question of give and take

And because we TAKE also, I took off 20 points and so there is just 10 points available for your memory on this song.


14 thoughts on “BANG-A-BOOMERANG – SONG TWO”

  1. To keep this a little interesting, maybe you can share some memory about whether you have ever played with a boomerang?

  2. I remember getting a boomerang as a child that was more like a souvenir than a real one.
    I never mastered throwing it so it would come back, it was basically the same as throwing a stick…..but I was the one to fetch it!

    1. I was thinking if a boomerang is an AUSTRALIAN thing, that is what we were told at school together with kangaroos.

  3. This one is easy because I am Australian!

    I do not have any memories of this song (sadly I was not born for much of ABBA’s catalogue but we did have a very well worn copy of ABBA Gold at home, again, no Australian household would be complete without one!)

    I remember once on a school camp we had an activity where we had to paint and then practice throwing a boomerang. I am terrible at throwing (terrible at all sports actually), and while I did not manage to get the boomerang to come back to me, I did manage to accidentally throw it straight at a teacher, and give her a black eye. Oops.

  4. I remember the first time, when I heard this song. For some reasons, it happened when I’ve already grew up, I missed this one. I was in my workplace, and somebody sent me the song, and while I was listening it, I started a weird nid-nod to the rythm of the music. A typical ABBA-effect. I remember the date: 07/08/2015

    I don’t remember if I threw anytime a boomerang which returned. Noone was around to show the good technique to do it. But finally, we started to use it as a frisbee… I also tried to throw a banana, but it also did not return, but smeard on the rocky coast of the Danube…

  5. Not really into this song. No memories associated with it but boomerangs well found one in the garden in Nambour. Think it wasnt authentic. We tried to throw it and it did curve round but did not return to me..Took a few back home as presents, they were well received by my Austrian relatives.

  6. This song does not bring back any specific memory.

    I had to google it to remember the song…and then I googled the lyrics & must say that I love these lines:

    Love is always around and you can look for it anywhere
    When you feel that you’ve found it my advice is to take good care
    Never use it as a selfish tool
    Never ever be such a fool
    Every feeling you’re showing
    Is a boomerang you’re throwing

    Now in regard to a boomerang, well for the first many years, after moving to Australia from Denmark, we always gave Boomer-rangs in one shape or size as presents when we went back to visit.

    Almost every friend & family have received one LOL

  7. I have never really thrown a boomerang (on the farm frisbees were more our toy of choice). But I do have a great memory of this song.

    When I first started diving in to the treasure chest of Swedish schlager, and especially old Melodifestivalen hits, I was surprised to find that “Bang, En Boomerang” was a very popular entry in MF, but was not originally by ABBA. Svenne and Lotta were a very odd couple (he a true caricature of a 70s ABBA-type rocker in satin knickers and long hair, and she an Afro-wearing ebony-skinned American singer who looked like she stepped out of HAIR) who were bandmates of Björn and Benny in their earlier band the Hep Stars. The duo entered Melodifestivalen with the original, funky Swedish version of “Bang, a Boomerang” and scored a hit in Sweden. It was only later that ABBA released the song in its English version and saw it become famous worldwide.

  8. The only thing I know about this song is, I remember buying the ABBA Definitive Collection DVD and this video was on it, but I had never even heard it before.

    It’s a fun song though… although you’d imagine ABBA would at least TRY throwing boomerangs in the video?

    I remember owning this flashy orange boomerang as a kid, I think it was made of plastic, and I never mastered it. I think it has to do with its weight maybe?

  9. Talk about laughing, I could not recall this song and thinking I had just forgotten it, it watched it on You Tube and I don’t believe I have ever heard this song before, I think it must be worth a point admitting my musical ignorance to all of you music aficionados.

  10. When I was in primary school (in Australia) we had a boomerang throwing competition to this song! I had never thrown a boomerang before or heard this song, but it was definitely the perfect soundtrack for the event. Of course I did very badly and have never attempted to throw a boomerang again.

  11. Interesting that they wrote this song inspired by boomerangs when this was probably before Australia gave them their first #1 and re-ignited global recording industry interest in them after the buzz of their Eurovision win died down.

  12. I also had a boomerang throwing competition at my school for this song. It was great fun. We lost more boomerangs than we got back. hahahaha

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