Eurofriend profile and Artist announcement by Sydney “Syd” Asiapacettefriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo of Peru):
Sydney “Syd” Asiapacettefriend
Country that represents: Australia
Birthday: January 26
Eurovision event her country debuted: Eurovision Song Contest 2015
Eurovision Events her country has hosted: None as of now

Likes: Listening to the latest Asia-pacific music, watching long-running anime shows with her brothers London, Dublin and Cardiff (and idolizing her favourite Japanese voice actors at the same time), discovering Eurovision with her friends and having picnics with her Koala pet on her favourite eucalyptus tree!

If there’s any friend in the song contest who loves to spread the asia pacific culture to the Eurofriends from Chinese opera and Bollywood movies to k-pop and anime, Sydney is the right friend for the job! She’s living the Eurovision career she always wished for and she’s learning a lot of Europe’s (and Australia’s) favourite TV show.

This girl dreams for an anime about ESC starring her and all her fellow Eurovision Land pals with her fave Japanese voice actors (Even if uses the actors names as nicknames for her friends when she’s esc-cited!), that wish will make her heart flag aflutter, alongside winning esc and helping the host friend to fulfill the duty. Her brothers and friends love her attitude for adding the Asia-pacific culture to town with lots of happiness!

Message from Sydney “Syd” Asiapacettefriend: “G’day, ni-hao (In Chinese) and saying in Japanese “konnichiwa everyfriend!” I’m Sydney, but my friends and family calls me Syd! Recently i picked my Eurostar for esc. You already remember Jessica, she was the interval act for Esc 2014 when Copenhagen hosted it! Now she’s doing full Eurostar duties and i’m esc-cited about it! Now i have to see my country do it’s best and give a 12-point best result in Portugal on May 2018! I’m looking foward to see everyfriend’s picking their Eurostars, and i’m the 6th friend to do so!”- By Sydney “Syd” Asiapacettefriend

Official Broadcaster Announcement link:…/australias-2018-eurovision-contest…
Australia Page at ESCKAZ:


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