Artist and Song Announcement by Chisinau Lil Eurettefriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“My name is Chisinau and making new friends all the time is my favourite thing in the whole Song Contest! As Eurovision Land’s flower girl, i love gardening, planting flowers and sharing them to others(after school) and spending time with my friends… and by mean friends, it means that i know everyfriend around town!

Oh, dear! Did some friend said that there’s a national final tonight? Oh wait! It was me! I’m doing my best to bring my country to the final in Kyiv in May! And speaking of Kyiv… Eurettefriend, she’s nice and friendly (Everyfriend i know are friendly as well)! My Eurovision debut was in her country 12 years ago and it was a fresh start in bloom! Right now, i can enjoy my nf and see who’s my next Eurostar(s) in the upcoming Contest!”- By Chisinau Lil Eurettefriend

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