Morten Thomassen writes over the second position in 2021. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Then we will go back in time very briefly, namely only one year and a victory that was actually more difficult than it might seem.

It is true that French Barbara Pravi finished 25 points behind Italian Måneskin, but that was due to the fact that jury and audience votes are cast separately.

If votes had been entered, as was done until 2015, the song “Voila” would have actually won by 1 small point, as some had expected.

One probably wonders why that is, and the simple explanation is probably that many of the low scores a country gets would have “disappeared” when the sums from the jury and televoting are combined.

If, for example, you come in 7th place in one of the jury groups and far down in the other, it would hardly give points in a vote.

Mathematics is not good, you can say that much, but the mathematics says that our French friend had a total of 61 points down to third place, so a clear silver place here.

Barbar Pievic, as this artist is actually called, began her career in 2014, she derives her artist surname from the Serbian word for authentic.

And authentically French, one must say that her song was, as someone said, this is the most French French chanson we have ever heard.

Madam Pravi’s first meeting with the ESC was as composer of the French entry in Junior Eurovision in 2019.

Whether she wants to participate in this circus several times is unknown, I think she would have been welcomed by the fans anyway.

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