Morten Thomassen continued his series of songs that ended second at the various Eurovision song contests. Today it is the turn of Cyprus 2018. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Then it’s time for what can perhaps be called the girls’ match of all time in our beloved competition.

It was the Cypriot Eleni Foureira who went out losing, she lacked a total of 93 points to be beaten by the woman from Israel who sang about toys.

The title of Eleni’s song “Fuego” is, as you know, Spanish and means fire, and you could say that the stage literally caught fire during a particularly fiery performance from our Cypriot friend.

Well, actually she is Albanian, but has lived most of her life in Greece, but as is known, this Mediterranean island is known to borrow from its language neighbor on the mainland.

Eleni got second place after the juries had her in 5th place while the people thought she was the second best song that night.

Perhaps she felt it as an ever-so-small revenge that perhaps her song became a slightly bigger hit than Netta’s winning song around Europe.

Also read that the music video for this song was recorded in Greece and since it was sponsored by a fruit company, bananas and pineapples were placed in the video, hopefully a fruitful collaboration.

We could also have seen Eleni on stage in Telenor Arena in 2010, she came second in the Greek final that year

Otherwise, young Miss Fureraj, as she was called when she was born in Albania, has continued her career and has released music as recently as this year.

I don’t think many will be disappointed if she wishes for a return to the ESC stage, maybe time for Cyprus to win soon?

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