Morten Thomassen writes over the 2003 Eurovision song contest and where a song in an imaginary language. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Now that we are approaching the end of this series, the margin to the top of the podium will naturally be very narrow.

In the year 2003, it was only two points and as if this was not enough, the Belgian group Urban Trad only had one small point down to third place.

Turkey won and Russia came in third place and these three countries fought a hard battle for victory throughout the voting.

When only 1 jury remained, our Belgian friends led, but with only three points from the last jury from Slovenia, while the competitors received 10 and 12 points narrowly winning the victory.

However, the song “Sanomi” is the song with constructed language that has done the best, so the members of Urban Trad can boast that they have a kind of victory.

The main man of the group is called Yves Barbieux and he has written most of the music on the four albums this group has released, of which I actually have three of them.

When they were going to participate in Eurovision, the one female vocalist had to stay at home as she was accused by the Belgian security service of having had far-right sympathies in the past, stupidly enough for her, it turned out that this claim was exaggerated so she missed the whole ESC experience .

The group is still active, but the question is whether a new participation in our beloved competition is high on their list.

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