Morten discussed the first of 4 years when there was a gap of 17 points between the winner and the runner-up. ESC Covers google translated the post from Norwegian to English.

Now there will be four songs with the common denominator that they lost by the same score, 17 points being the most common score to “lose”, it turns out.

I’ll start with the song that was first out of these and it was French Catherine Ferry and the song “Un, Deux, Trois”.

She was struck by one of the biggest hits in ESC history, it was from the UK and was called “Save Your Kisses For Me”.

That song got an average of 9.65 from each jury, in comparison this year’s Ukrainian winner got 8.09 points and, for example, our own last winner 9.43 points.

Then it is actually nothing less than quite sensational that the French Cathrine got an average of 8.64 points, an average that had held up to victory in most years.

But, that is not in 1976, however, Madam Ferry had a good hit in many countries with her song and she had a whopping 54 points down to Monaco in third place, so a super clear silver place in other words.

No wonder that with a song with a title most non-French speakers could also understand and an energetic performance.

This lady is not active as an artist, she should have given up in 2010, perhaps understandable since she seems to have had her heyday in the 70s and 80s.

In other words, the question is whether a possible ESC participation would have brought this lady back on stage.

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