Morten Thomassen looks today at the entry from GEORGIA, a country that had not qualified to the final since 2016. ESC Covers google translated this from Norwegian to English.

Our Georgian friend Iru (Khechanovi) is one of those who have to travel the furthest to participate, and it would be great if she got a place in the final as a reward, and I think there is a good chance of that.

Once again, an artist who already has an ESC win under her belt, albeit the junior version since she won that competition as a member of the band Candy back in 2011.

She herself describes her life as being drowned in music from an early age, and singing herself is probably the only way to survive, I suppose.

The song she sends is of the dramatic kind, a little ballad, a little ethnic and a little power song, a little twist of a song in other words, and here a performance is expected.

The song is called “Echo”, but if everything else is repetitive, find this song quite exciting and unusual in its style and a song that should captivate the audience.

We actually have to go all the way back to 2016, the last time this country qualified, and I hope they hit at l


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