Alex Larke – “Shine On” review

Alex Larke

Alex Larke, the male half of Electro Velvet is back with a new single, which is exclusively guest reviewed for ESCCovers by Mike Duncan of ESCKAZ:

“Debut single, a new haircut and a video filmed in part in some sun kissed location in Greece. His little sister Anna has a cameo at the start of the video with a delightful little bundle who I think is Alex’s and Tamara’s little peanut….cute, very cute…. 

Anyway onto the music. Well first a confession, I am a sucker for big strings and old style retro electronic organ so was kinda hooked right from the start. Then up pops Alex, sporting aforementioned new hair do, filling the screen with his big muff and grabbing attention. Then he sings. At first I did a bit of a double take, who is this? Where is the deep crooner from Electro Velvet, who is this (almost) falsetto geezer giving it large into the camera?? Yep, it’s him. This is a completely different style from those that know Alex from Eurovision but I kinda like it. Like I said always a sucker for big strings and a organ or two thrown in…..

I am reminded of Ocean Colour Scene from back in the 90’s and Alex’s putting on the “I’m Noel Gallagher and you better believe it” act simply adds to the whole 90’s Britpop vibe. Like I said I’m a sucker for all that….just add some more drums and a guitar riff here and there and I’m back in 1996 trying to style out a Paul Weller look and not succeeding.

Alex has moved on from his Eurovision foray a few years back, I hope he continues in this vein, much more suited to his style and voice than the flippy-flappy EV single….just needs to add in some edgy drums please and keep doing this…..well done (7.5/10)”

Alex Larke releases his debut single, ‘Shine On’ of EP ‘Disposable Love’, on February 3rd 2017. Available from all good digital retailers and streaming sites like Amazon

Alex Larke represented the UK at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, as part of Electro Velvet. More on his official site:


  1. Roy van der Merwe says:

    I also did not recognize him at all

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