Alexa Niculae & Mihai Alexandru collaborate for a new song by Mey Green – ‘Amor’

Mey Green {copyright: Universal Music Spain}

Mey Green {copyright: Universal Music Spain}

The lyricist and the composer of the 2017 Romanian  Eurovision song, Yodel It! are Alexa Niculae and Mihai Alexandru. They have just worked together again and released a song for promising Spanish singer, Mey Green. It is entitled Amor. It has a rhythmic and latino feel that will go down well on the dancefloors of Europe this summer. Amor is released via Universal Music Spain.

Alexa Niculae is no stranger to Eurovision herself as she has participated in the Selectia Nationala in Romania.

Yodel It! will be performed by Ilinca feat. Alex Florea.

You can see the video for Mey Green’s Amor below.

Source: ESC Covers

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