Kigali Africafriend
country that represents: Rwanda
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 1st
Eurovision Land counterpart friend: Stockholm Eurettefriend
Kigali is an music diva in AfrimusicVille and a friend who puts the right feelings in the right people through every genre, specially jazz, hip-hop and rap! Her colourful voice makes the weather everywhere she goes, it turns a gloomy rainy day to a sunny one and filled with rainbows (Just like her outfit!)!
She adds the beat in every song ever heard, in addition to Stockholm’s (Singing and) songwritting! She isn’t picky of what kind of music she listens, she loves all songs in the Song Contest.
This Africafriend is always paired with Johannesburg when they help people to discover Afrimusic around the Song Contest.

1-afri kigali

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