Morten Thomassen from Norway continues writing over the 2022 Eurovision entries and in 39th place is Georgia. ESC Covers google translated to English.

It should turn out that starting number 5 in a semifinal was the “death” starting number.

Both songs that sang fifth came in last place in their semi-final, now this probably has very little to do with the start number, it was probably more coincidental that the producer put these songs on this start number.

I simply love when some countries send something that is completely different and very far from the usual ESC formula, just so unfortunate that it is rarely properly appreciated.

Now it was probably not just an ungrateful jury and ungrateful audience that made our friends in Circus Mircus never come close to a final place in the least.

The biggest problem here was probably that the song was a little too weird and the show itself was a little too strange for most people who watched, it was a circus on stage, but a whimsical circus.

In their own description of their music, they say that their philosophy lies in the complete neglect of musical frameworks and well right there I will almost let them get it right.

The problem is that such music is most often liked by very few and so strange music is cool to hear in ESC, but is still without a chance when it comes to results.

There were some scattered votes from 4-5 countries and then the score will not be better than 22 and that is very possible Damocles, Igor, Bavonc and Iago were not happy with.

The song was called “Lock Me In” and now it should be added that Georgia was one of the 6 countries that were accused of engaging in vote-cheating and this led to their own jury votes never being allowed to count in the points context.

Now the points they then missed had not helped other than that they might have avoided the last place in their semifinal, although they are shown sure enough to be taken with the jury pants down.

We’ll see if the next few years are still twisted for their jury to be discarded or if they send some other music that neglects musical frameworks, this country rarely disappoints by sending bland songs.

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