2021 TOP 100 EUROVISION SONGS – positions 80 to 71

No fewer than 171 people from 46 different countries have sent us a top 10. We are very happy with this great interest and would like to thank everyone who sent us a TOP 10!
It’s time to reveal the 100 most mentioned songs, we go on with numbers 71 – 80!

71 (25) Denmark 2013, Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops 36 (4x)
There are two covers of this in South Africa. Cole van Dais did it in Afrikaans with a few words in Danish as WAAR IN DIE WERELD IS JY. JACO VAN STADEN (who unfortuantely died 2 or so years ago covered it in Afrikaans as DIE EEN)
72 (new) Denmark 2000, Jørgen & Niels Olsen – Fly On The Wings Of Love 34 (6x)
There are several covers of this song. CARLY did it in Afrikaans as VERSPEELDE TYD. NADINE and ONE EIE 3 TENORE did it in English.
73 (new) Ukraine 2004, Ruslana Lyzhychko – Wild Dances 34 (4x)
74 (new) Ireland 1970, Dana – All Kind Of Everything 33 (7x)
Again several covers of this song. VIRGINIA LEE, who has recorded over 800 songs in 13 languages, did it in English almost at the same time as it won Eurovision. LEA, RINA HUGO and CHARLIE DICKS all covered it also in English. MANUEL ESCORCIO covered it in Afrikaans as ALLES HERINNER MY.
75 (new) Italy 2017, Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma 33 (4x)
KARIN BEKKER, who covered no less than 6 songs from 2017, did this in English as SPARKLE.
76 (30) Latvia 2000, Brainstorm – My Star 32 (6x)
PIETER MORH recorded it in Afrikaans as MY STER.
77 (new) Finland 2009, Waldo’s People – Lose Control 32 (4x)
Yet another song with many covers. One even sold platinum and became the biggest cover of a Finnish song in South Africa. It was done by MONIQUE STEYN and SNOTKOP in Afrikaans as EK VAL VIR JOU. They also did it later in English. STEPHAN LUDIK (who played in Big brother) recorded it also in English. Lastly CANDY BENSON covered it in English but also in Spanish as PERDER CONTROL.
78 (72) Ukraine 2008, Ani Lorak – Shady Lady 31 (5x)
There are 2 Afrikaans covers of this song. LEE SCOTT recorded it as LOS MY ALLEEN and ARISTA PAXTON recorded it as SKAME DAME.
79 (new) Israel 1998, Dana International – Diva 31 (5x)
RIANA VAN WYK recorded it in English and in Afrikaans, each version is called DIVA. ZITA did it also as DIVA in Afrikaans.
80 (59) France 2011, Amaury Vassili – Sognu 31 (4x)
STEVEN STERLING recorded it in Afrikaans as WAAR IS JY PRINSES.

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